Reality Time 146 features Damian Marley

The one and only Damian Marley aka Junior Gong guest stars on this weeks Reality Time on Bigupradio.com. Hosted by  DJ Kurious and  MC TaiyefoonReality Time brings you the latest reggae news, culture and exclusive interviews each Sunday on Bigupradio's 24/7 dancehall station. Damian Marley carrys on his father's legacy but does it in a dancehall style. Known for this smash hits that deliver a conscious message while keeping the dancehalls jamming. Such hits include "Welcome To Jamrock," "Mi Name Jr Gong," "Still Searching," "Road To Zion" and many more. Don't miss this special interview and feature with reggae star and icon Damian Marley. Don't miss this show! ONE LOVE